So, I am struggling to find an online summer school. I am from Idaho, in the United States. I had a strange feeling about National High School since the first voicemail they (Sean Reed - Advisor) left me. He had sounded as if he was from India, but the call came from Georgia. It was hard to understand. After I listened to the voicemail, I sent National High School an email, explaining a few things:

1. When I requested info. I merely wanted some answers first, not necessarily to enroll right away.

2. Being from Idaho, I am in a totally different time zone, as I am two hours behind. So when I get a call at 7 AM, I won't answer; I also am still in school and cannot accept calls until after noon.

3. Therefore, it is much easier to communicate via email, although, I am available to speak over the phone AFTER noon.

I still have not been able to contact them over the phone being they call me too early or too late, without a message. They have ignored my emails and simple requests. They are telling me that one semester class w/ them is $250, as a yearlong class is $499. To me, that cash doesn't come easy. When I see them being accused of fraud and such on here, it scares me.

Am I wrong? Does anyone have anything good to say about their experience with National High School?

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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They claim to have accreditation, but I'm skeptical. Why this particular school, if I may ask?

If it sounds very easy, it may be too good to be true. While they may be legit, their accreditation is doubtful.


The only positive thing I have to say about the school is that I got out! Look up public online schools in your area.

I went to Georgia Virtual School, it was free and it was WAY easier than this. Best of all, everyone was American!


So, its National High School's fault that you are in a different time zone? This post does not make sense.

If they can not not speak with you, how can a validation be made of who you are? Sounds like sound business practice.


My daughter went there! They kept saying she was cheating because she would hand in more than 5 assignments at a time due to the computer not taking some of her assignments some days!

Since when do you get that turning in homework is cheating? She also had issues with the computer not taking her assignments and they gave her zeros.

Said again she was cheating. This school I would not recommend to anyone!

to irritated mother #1079155

This student's courses were reset because she submitted blank assignments. We gave them a second chance.

The student did it again. The student was not afforded another chance. We advised the parent to look for another option if the program did not fit the student's learning style.

The student looked at Indiana University High School and decided to stay with NHS.

Potential students should be aware of the academic requirements at National High School. If you submit blank work at any high school in the Nation, you will receive an F, no different here. The computer took every blank assignment, the student submitted.

We expect students to complete their work, those that do not and do not follow the rules, post blogs and complain. We are not in the business of providing A(s) for blank work.

If that deems us as a bad school, we will take the title. By the way, the poster of this statement did not mentioned NHS is the third online program the student has attended and they are still enrolled in the school.

Following directions and reading is fundamental. The student handbook, tells you not to submit more than 5 assignments, per course per day, the student orientation tells you not to submit more than 5 assignments per course, per day.

Why, would you submit more than the allotted amount when you have been directed not to do so? We do not give students grades, they earn them, big difference.

Do not let this poster deter you, the student has As and will take those As to college. Do not give up your opportunity because they can not follow directions.

They are benefiting from the program at the same time this post was written.

NHS has hundreds of student in college. We are proud of what we provide.

This post is slander, thus the anonymous post.

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